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5 Major Mexican Tourist Destinations For You!


Mexico, known for its dormant volcanoes and picturesque snow-capped mountains, as Wikipedia mentions it, is the 11th most populous country in the world. A trip through it in no way will be enough for the wandering souls for it has an expanse of cactus-strewn deserts, pop nightlife and a 10,000 km long coastline that it often boasts about. The lagoons that surround many of its tropical islands are heavenly rich in marine life and are my personal favourite. It also enjoys some of the best coral reefs in the world. And trust me, the city offers everything possible to make the wild dream of any adventurer come true with amazing Mexican tourist destinations.

Mostly here are often confused between choosing the Caribbean waters and the deep blue it offers; the rich architecture finding its roots in the Mayan period. The country deep in its traditional and cultural values is as rich and modern in its contemporary times with a killing nightlife to ooze you. Once here, you may either ride the wild white water of the Mexican rivers or hike the dry lands of the Oaxaca’s forests. Mayan temples of Palenque and towering pyramids of the Teotihuacans are the mighty blessings of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic civilizations. Modern Mexico enjoys a fair share of art in the works of Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo.

While the list may be as long as it can be, we have brought together the best five for you to choose from:

Uxmal City

The classical period in the ancient Mayan city gifted Uxmal as one of the Mexican Tourist Destinations. Located in the Puuc region of the country, Uxmal displays the Mesoamerican architecture that uses a number of different regional and historic styles, all significantly coherent. It dominantly displays the culmination of traditions and cultures through the classical period in the architecture that it celebrates. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it presents the architecture of smooth low walls opening on to friezes that are decorated with typical Mayan huts. The sculptures and murals that line the walls have feathered serpents with open fangs, releasing human beings. Yes, scary, but beautifully rich with what the Mayans had left behind. This is a pure walk back in time.

Isla Mujeres

The name translates to ‘Island of Women’ and finds its history in being sacred to the Mayan goddess of childbirth. The region’s cultural heritage marks stars on this island’s significance. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the island is known for its scenic beaches, all filled with ocean treasure. Its vast expanse of water is as meditative as they are adventurous. The clear water, rich in marine life offers the best snorkelling and deep blue diving experiences. Also, it hosts a huge sanctuary of sea turtles making it top Mexican Tourist Destinations.

Cenote Dos Ojos

The country’s largest underwater cave system, Cenote Dos Ojos stands for a ‘Cavern of Two Eyes’. And truly, the two beautiful sinkholes with the long passage connecting the two justifies its unique name. Constantly filtered through limestone, the water of the cave system is superbly clear and hence a popular spot for snorkelers and divers.

El Arco

El Arco is an arch found in Cabo San Ukas. Here, the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. It can be viewed from a number of angles, each of which gives the viewer a distinct perspective. Very artistic in its formation, this natural wonder has an amazing beach lining the path up to it with precious ocean treasures. With a view of the azure blue waters encompassing the gulf, this is a hotspot and a one of the most famous Mexican Tourist Destination for sighting grey whales that frequent the waters around.


Located on the east coast of Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum’s history dates back to it being a major part of the Mayan city of Coba. The tropical beach of pristine white sand and the gushing waters make up for the seclusion that this beach offers. When here, you may enjoy accommodations that range from 5-star luxury resorts to basic yet comfortable cabanas.

If you are planing to explore North America, then keep this list of Mexico Tourist Destinations handy with you and we assure you, you won’t go wrong with our picks! To book cheap flight tickets to Mexico, check out HERE.

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