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DUB Dublin, 10-Oct-2022
AUH Abu Dhabi, 30-Oct-2022

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CDG Paris, 06-Oct-2022
AUH Abu Dhabi, 21-Oct-2022

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BER Berlin, 01-Oct-2022
AUH Abu Dhabi, 22-Oct-2022

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LHR London, 16-Nov-2022
AUH Abu Dhabi, 21-Nov-2022

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EDI Edinburgh, 24-Apr-2023
AUH Abu Dhabi, 01-May-2023

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MAN Manchester, 05-Nov-2022
AUH Abu Dhabi, 20-Nov-2022

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Cheap Flights to abu dhabi

Also known as Abū Ẓaby in Arabic, the member of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the popular vacation destination occupying many of the petite triangular islands. From the buzzing city centre to the tranquillity of the mangroves, from the shimmery skyscrapers to the waterfront, Abu Dhabi offers a never-forgetting experience like no other. The moment you book your cheap flights to Abu Dhabi, there is no turning back to those busy city days for that duration of vacation.
Located on an island stretched into the Persian Gulf’s west coast, this capital city which was once a village has now been transformed into a financial and political hub. It is home to a multi-cultural population with a humble, welcoming spirit and a classic gastronomical scene which excites foodies with its miscellany.
Abu Dhabi is a city of multiple faces - make the most of the beach life, wander in any of the 2000 green spaces and lush parks, go on a drive on a Formula 1 track and negotiate for bargains at markets. As there is plenty to do and see in Abu Dhabi, you will observe yourself constantly planning your next venue in the city.
Abu Dhabi is all about the muggy, warm climate. Once you step into the city, all you will experience is the sunny blue sky the whole year. From June to September, the weather is extremely humid and hot with maximum temperatures ranging over 38 degrees C or 100 degrees F.
Travel Information
Language: Arabic
Currency: UAE dirham
Local time: GMT + 4
Avg. Flight Time: 7h 15m
Best Time To Visit
In Abu Dhabi, you can only expect blue skies with the scorching sun always on top throughout the year. So, the best time to travel to this hot city can be the summer season i.e. from June to September. At this point, the weather is quite hot with temperature averaging more than 100 degrees F.
Abu Dhabi Attractions and Activities
1. Impressive Architecture
Rich architecture and huge buildings, Abu Dhabi boasts sleek geometry of the Etihad Towers, Baynunah Tower, and other shimmery skyscrapers to the mesmerising beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre. Right next to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre you will find Capital Gate which is the tallest leaning skyscraper in the world with about 18 degrees incline.
2. Waterfront Life and Outdoor Adventure
There are numerous ways to enjoy the waterfront in Abu Dhabi, From Zaya Nurai Island to a relaxed ferry ride and to experiencing many other watersports on offer. Unwind on the sandy Corniche Beach, pick your favourite and bid on that one in a camel race, and more.
3. Experience the Arabic Culture
To soak in the Arabic culture, you can visit the exhibitions and museums or take tours, but perhaps the most ideal way to grab more knowledge about traditional Arabic culture is in Sheesha cafes or bargaining in souks or open-air markets.
4. Stellar Dining
If you have never tasted Arabic cuisine, you should definitely try one - from elegant fine dining to casual food stalls, along with various European and South Asian restaurants. Pork lovers should keep in mind that it is not sold everywhere but in a few non-Muslim places.
5. Shopaholics Paradise
Abu Dhabi is a true paradise for all those you are constantly after shopping - it can be called a national sport in this city. Here you may find almost everything on discount from aesthetic hand-loomed carpets to international designers in humongous and luxurious shopping malls.
Airlines Operate Flight to Abu Dhabi
  • British Airways
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Gulf Air
  • Egyptair
  • Oman Air
Time Duration from Different Airports
  • London to Abu Dhabi - 7h 15m
  • Manchester to Abu Dhabi - 7h 15m
  • Newcastle to Abu Dhabi - 9h 40m
  • Birmingham to Abu Dhabi - 9h 30m
  • Glasgow to Abu Dhabi - 10h 15m
  • Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi - 9h 45m
  • Belfast to Abu Dhabi - 9h 55m
Distance to the City Centre
Situated about 20 miles or 32 km from the city centre of the Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi International Airport comprises three airports terminals.
Transport from Abu Dhabi
All international flights land and are operated from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) which is located about 20 miles from the city centre. Amongst numerous ways to get to the city, the cheap and most convenient way is the air-conditioned bus service. Apart from this, you can also consider the upscale air-conditioned taxi which would cost you around AED125.
Visa Requirements for Abu Dhabi
When visiting the UAE, take advantage of a Transit or Tourist Visa. You can actually spend up to 96 hours in exploring the Abu Dhabi city in your style on a Transit Visa. Or, you can enjoy 90 days by applying for a Tourist Visa.
Tips for your stay in Abu Dhabi
  • Females when visiting the public areas like shopping outlets in Abu Dhabi should wear clothing that would cover from shoulders to knees. If we talk about beachwear, it is totally fine at resorts and hotels. If you are planning to hit a beach or nightclub, remember to cover your shoulders to and from the location.
  • No need to specially learn Arabic like most of the staff in 3-4-5 star hotels and resorts converse in English to their customers.
  • If you are happy with the service offered by a taxi driver, waiter, hotel staff or a car valet, you can tip according to your preference - it is a trend in Abu Dhabi. Make sure you check the bill in big restaurants as they add 10% gratuity. It’s highly recommended to leave a tip of 10% in cash.
  • Travel via local taxis as they are pretty common in Abu Dhabi. Compared to other Western countries, taxis are cheaper due to low petrol prices.
  • Do not forget to bargain in markets; it really helps you shop more than usual.
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