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STN London, 15-Nov-2022
DWC Dubai, 22-Nov-2022

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MAN Manchester, 17-Aug-2022
DWC Dubai, 17-Sep-2022

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BHX Birmingham, 02-Nov-2022
DXB Dubai, 09-Nov-2022

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EDI Edinburgh, 07-Sep-2022
DXB Dubai, 14-Sep-2022

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GLA Glasgow, 18-Oct-2022
DXB Dubai, 25-Oct-2022

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ZGG ZGG, 18-Oct-2022
DXB Dubai, 25-Oct-2022

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Cheap Flights to dubai

Welcoming around 12 million foreign travellers around the year, Dubai is the world’s most futuristic and premier tourist location in Arab. This city constantly invents itself at a fast pace. Without even looking at the weather updates, you can visit Dubai as you can count on its year-round warmness as well as the sunshine. But, it’s not only famous for its weather, but people from every corner of the globe also travel Dubai at cheap fares for its gourmet restaurants serving authentic cuisines and mind-boggling big buildings with exceptional architectural designs. From Amal’s delectable Indian food to Blue Jade’s pure sushi flavour, every cuisine is presented and prepared by professional chefs.
When we talk about adventure, famous desert safaris on 4X4 vehicles and vast golf courses along with snowboarding can never be ignored. Shop some luxurious goods for your wife and family from the Dubai Mall - there is genuinely no other place better than this mall to purchase the best quality branded products in Dubai.
As expected from the sandy desert, Dubai can mostly be found uncomfortably hot and sunny. With 11 hours of sunshine on average every day, the temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit quite easily. On hottest days, it can approach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At nights, you can experience a drop in temperature (70-80) but a sudden increase in humidity will be intolerable. Moreover, even in rainy and spring season i.e. From December to March, temperature tries hard to be constant (80-90).
Best Time to Visit
Sun-seekers looking for some Vitamin D can reserve cheap flights to Dubai any time they want, except November/December to March which is the winter season. Sparkling sunshine and blue skies can be experienced year-round, ranging the temperature between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Dubai’s cooler yet warmer weather is the time when tourists from all over the globe come to spend their Christmas holidays in one of the most luxurious and happening beach resorts/hotels in Dubai’s island.
Travel Information
Language: Arabic
Currency: Dirham
Local time: UTC
Avg. Flight Time: 7h
Dubai Attractions and Activities
1. Burj Khalifa
Dubai is the epitome of stunning architecture and futuristic designs and for this, there cannot be a more spectacular example than the one and only Burj Khalifa. Touching the sky at the height of 2,700 feet, it is famed as the tallest building in the world, holding various records like its the home to the tallest mosque; most amazing view; and best observation decks showing the whole city view.
2. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Visit the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to look at the mesmerising natural beauty of the sparkling desert. Camel races are quite famous in Dubai every Thursday and Friday but for that, you will have to plan your trip in between November and March.
3. Jumeirah Mosque
The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most popular mosques that welcome the public as well. For entertainment and fun, you can take your children to any of the three water parks - Yas Waterworld, Atlantis and WildWadi, featuring super-high water slides, wave pools and other rides as well.
4. Dubai Mall
Offering easy entry to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium, the Dubai Mall is the most iconic and famous malls of the city. Here you can enjoy with your loved ones as it houses a gaming zone, an ice-skating rink and a cinema complex. Shopping and eating is endless.
5. Dubai Frame
Located amid the modern sprawl and older neighbourhoods of the city, Dubai Frame is a ginormous 150-meter high picture frame, a new addition to the list of sights in Dubai. Here you can come across a series of galleries showcasing the rich history of the city.
Airlines Operate Flight to Dubai
  • Emirates
  • British Airways
  • Oman Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • Middle East Airlines
Time Duration from Different Airports
  • London to Dubai - 7h
  • Manchester to Dubai - 7h 5m
  • Newcastle to Dubai - 7h 15m
  • Birmingham to Dubai - 7h 10m
  • Glasgow to Dubai - 7h 25m
  • Edinburgh to Dubai - 7h 25m
  • Belfast to Dubai - 9h 15m
Distance to the City Centre
The Dubai International Airport is in close proximity to most of the hotels i.e. approximately 3 miles. After you step in, board the Dubai Metro as it’s the fastest way to reach the city centre in just AED 2 and that too the Red Card Metro. Apart from this, a taxi is another option for you that would roughly cost around AED 25.
Transport from Dubai
When you reach Dubai, there are several ways to reach your desired hotel - buses are an ideal choice as they are even available at night. The shuttle buses arrive after every 7 minutes at daytime and after every 20 minutes at night time. If you are not comfortable with bus transport, Dubai Airport Metro is also an option which includes a red and green line. Suppose you have to reach the city centre, take the red line, pass through 3-4 zones that will cost you around 5.8 dirhams i.e. $1.6 per person. Apart from a bus and underground metro, taxis are also pretty famous as it is the most comfortable means of transport from Dubai Airport. Including every possible; traffic jam, a taxi would take about 45 minutes to reach the city centre and the journey might cost around $36. Now, it depends on you.
Visa Requirements for Dubai
Normally, you get the visa on arrival. Kindly note that no visa arrangements are needed when visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Simply pay a visit to the immigration desk and get your passport stamped with a visa for 30-days visit and that too free of cost.
Tips for your stay in Dubai
  • All shopaholics will surely love visiting and exploring Dubai as the Dubai Mall is the world’s largest complex consisting all the biggest fashion brands you would know of. So, do not forget to go to the Dubai Mall.
  • First thing when thinking about staying in Dubai is that its hot and some days are even hotter. Sun beats down almost every day of the year in Dubai therefore, sunscreen lotion is a must to protect your skin from sunburns and tanning.
  • Another essential tip is to respect the local culture and stop yourself as well as your travelling companions from kissing, cuddling or even holding hands as it is strictly against the laws of Dubai (Muslim City).
  • Make sure to purchase a SIM card as soon as you land at the airport so that you could access websites and maps to explore the surroundings.
  • To make the most of your trip to Dubai, book online tickets to Burj Khalifa and that too in advance.
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