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These terms and conditions are in accordance with each reserving made through carriers with registered office in 63-66 Hatton Garden, Fifth Floor, Suite 23, London, England, EC1N 8LE. Kindly read them carefully as they clarify our commitments and particular rights. In each term of utilization said in this record references to "us" and "we" assign (the carrier organization) and mention to "your" and "you" assign the principal named the individual in whose name the booking is made. The utilization of our site by you is administered by your adherence to the individual terms and conditions. In the event of any contradicting piece of this archive or specific terms, it is advised for you to not to get visit this site further.

We go about as the given figures: a Package facilitator, a travel operator helping you to book your flight only or other travel-related courses of action (special facilities). Our duties to you are as per what sort of travel arrangements you have asked us for. We have attempted our level best to clarify our terms of utilization underneath as obviously as could reasonably be expected. The entire document is divided into three areas including diverse types of commitments and terms of utilization - Section A comprises of conditions that are pertinent for a wide range of appointments and Section C is for bookings made through an office.


Booking Your Travel Arrangements

Each administration offered from our end is liable to its accessibility. Charges distributed on our site are not guaranteed up until they are ticketed. As you make a booking with us, you should affirm that you approve, acknowledge and understand these terms and conditions on your and other travel allies and furthermore, when reserving in excess of one individual, you are responsible for add up to instalment due from every voyager of your gathering for whom you are making the flight reservation. You are requested to take a note that you are in charge of the precision of the points of interest you share with us and furthermore for the data that was provided to us by you is duly passed on to every last individual from your travelling journey.

While booking, you are required to make the applicable instalment as mentioned. Note that until the point that the booking is acknowledged from our end and partial deposit or full instalment is received by us through previously discussed and decided mode and issue the last affirmation receipt either in the interest of or service provider being referred to, no sort of agreement/understanding will exist. Ensure the names given to us are right as in the respective individual’s passport.

When Booking Online

When you book online through us, you are required to give all of us the pertinent points of details. All bookings made online are processed automatically and you are responsible for every one detail that you provide us with, containing however not confined to the bookings, are finished and precisely entered on the web; that you select right flights or hotels, or some other service that you book; that information of the all the travellers are entered as mentioned in the passport. Please note that we hold no responsibility for any dissimilarity of data that you give or the way in which it has been entered on the website. You understand that any inconsistency might lead to extra charges to be borne by you. When utilizing the credit/platinum card to process the payment, please ensure it is in your name or you host the consent of the third party in case it is not yours. The card ought to have an adequate amount to take care of the total expense of the tickets and extra requirements which are reserved by you through us. When we get your booking and acknowledge it, we will start the procedure (depending on accessibility) and the required sum will be charged from your provided details. After this, a confirmation email bearing the receipt will be sent to your email address. No assurance is given from our end for the availability of any flight arrangement, package or any different requirement after your booking has been made. Nor we give any guarantee that our web-based booking administrations are free from malware, infectious viruses or anything that destructively affects your booking.

When Booking By Telephone

To book with us through a phone, you should carefully check all the relevant points, depending upon the requirements. Ensure all the data you have shared with us is right and accurate to the best of your knowledge and is as said in your passport. The phone booking confirmation is considered as confirmed as to when written. Until the point that we get the payment and the same is confirmed from your end, we don't confirm the availability of any package or flight. After we acknowledge your booking, the procedure will start and the same will be charged on the provided credit/platinum card by you. An e-ticket or the confirmation email with a receipt will be shared with on your email address. The cancellation charges will be applicable starting this time. It is strongly recommended you thoroughly go through all the details and get in touch with us without any delays in case of any discrepancies as it may be difficult to roll out the corrections later. Whatever changes are incorporated in the booking after its completion, you will be required to pay the extra charges, containing travel agency’s charges and administration expenses.


The balance of the total fare ought to be paid before the due date said on the confirmation receipt sent from us. Note that telephonic bookings, you might be required to make the total payment on priority i.e. preceding getting the confirmation receipt. Paying the balance on time is vital as failing to do so may result in the cancellation of your flights and bearing the cancellation charges. If by chance an additional "booking charge" is being applied, it would have been advised to you while the booking process. Note that each payment made through checks take around 7 days for the clearance. Until the point that we get the full payment of your booking, you should understand that your booking's cost may increase (fuel or different additional charges imposed by the service provider). We hold no charge regarding payment (in cash) sent by means of post or courier, regardless of whether sent by any recorded courier organization or delivery post.

Data Protection Policy

We utilize your data provided to us by keeping in mind the end goal: to start the booking procedure you have made with us and to ensure that your travel-related necessities are organized easily and run smoothly.

Passports, Visa and Health Requirements

It is totally your duty to check your visa, passport and health-related needs, ensuring that your travel details are set up in the right place.

Visa and Passport

Whatever data you require along with passport and visa, consult the pertinent embassy as the requirements may change with no prior notice and you should stay up to date with regard to the same before your takeoff/booking. If you don't take note of that we are not responsible for your rejected entry into any nation or onto the flight on account of your negligence to carry the visa, passport or other essential documents required by that nation, flight carrier or authority. You should carry your passport with legitimate validity of fewer than 6 months post your date of return. Make sure that you are carrying a passport, all health-related and visa related documents for each nation including the ones you might travel through. On the off chance that, your travel permit is left with its last year, you should check the nation's Embassy you are visiting. For more information, consult with the Passport Office. All travellers heading out to the United States of America ought to have machine-comprehensible visas and comply with all the special conditions.

When travelling to South Africa, individuals flying with their children (under 18 years) will be required to bring the birth certificate of their kid/kids. Note that before leaving, you should check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for updated passage prerequisites and date guidance for your destination. You can likewise visit for more information.


Prior to your takeoff, contact your own doctor for current proposals as travel-related immunizations may change at any time. According to the recommendations by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), it is advised you to consult a doctor 4 to a month and a half preceding your travel to check for any vaccinations or other health measures you might require.

In the event that you can't comply to our fundamental requirement with respect to visa, passport, health customs or immigration needs, we are not in responsible for your travel loos or some other misfortune, harm or damage that might happen. Note that you adhere to reimburse us at whatever point we experience any sort of damage, loss or harm because of your inability to take after any of our visa, passport, health or immigration needs.

Special Requests and Medical Problems

For any special requirements, it is encouraged to tell us about the same while booking. We try to incorporate such demands to our concerned provider however we can't ensure each such demand from the opposite end will be met. Note that the inability to meet any such necessities won't be considered as a break of our agreement or understanding from our end.

In the event that you are experiencing any medical issue that may damage your travel, bring it to our notice before sending your complete booking details. It is unfortunate that numerous nations are not capable to satisfy even the fundamental necessities of handicapped travellers. On the off chance that, we are not ready to offer the desired medication appropriately, we hold the right to cancel/deny your booking and collect any cancellation charges that are relevant.

Law Compliance

To comply with every one of the customs, laws, drug regulation and foreign exchange of each nation visited is totally on you. We or/and our agents hold the right to revoke your booking in the event of discovering you associated with any illicit activity or getting social intolerant, with no answerability to you for any sort of claim or refund.

Force Majeure

You won't be paid any fees nor we will be considered responsible for cancelling your travel plans in any way because of any unforeseeable or unusual occurrences outside our ability to control. These conditions can resemble civil riots, war or risk of war, industrial dispute including terrorist activity and its upshots, aviation traffic issues, fire or climate conditions, atomic or catastrophic events, unavoidable issues with transport, pandemics and epidemics, closure of ports or air terminals and other likely events beyond our or the concerned travel provider’s hands.


As indicated by the agreement with us or the concerned provider being referred to, you are required to have an adequate travel insurance. The insurance you choose or buy should cover the unexpected reduction of your vacation, cancellation fees, repatriation and medical costs including individual mishap and air ambulance. In the event that you need to arrange protection from a source other than us, you should give all the details in written and a signed indemnity form on your behalf as well as your travel companion absolving us and our agents/ representatives sitting abroad, of any duty regarding any charges.

Phone Calls

All arbitrary phone calls made for the booking are recorded for the training and quality purposes. These calls are continually reviewed to offer the most ideal service to our clients.

Cases and Complaints

In cases where we are acting as a third party, the contract will be outfitted to you and the concerned service provider and any inquiries/objections will be routed to the same. When facing any issues while being on at any instance, contact the particular provider or specialist or agent promptly. On the off chance, if you neglect to take this method, there will be less possibility to explore your concern or issue.

Post your travel, if you wish to report a complaint with respect to any issue, contact our customer service. We will help you and correct it at the earliest.

Condition of Suppliers

The majority of the services offered by us make your preferred holiday are furnished by third-party suppliers alongside their terms of use that shape a section in your agreement with us or the concerned provider. In the matter of International Conventions, some terms of use may avoid or confine the responsibility of the provider towards you. The copy of the terms and conditions can be received from us or the provider.


The contract is under the governance of the English Law and if any disputes emerge between the two parties, it will lie under the purview of England's courts. You may even pick the purview of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Flights and Flight Travel Documents

It is advised that you acknowledge that a flight is depicted as "direct" in your ticket isn't non-stop. The arrival and departure times on the flight ticket are simply estimation and given by the concerned airline. They may vary in light of climate conditions, airport regulation, air traffic control, maintenance or operational needs or the prerequisite of travellers to registration on time.

On the off chance that you fail to reach on time, we won't have the ability to arrange special request made by you; these sorts of issues are at the sole judgment of the airline carrier.

Note that on the off chance you didn't use an area of your flight schedule without consulting the airline carrier, the other outstanding segments would be cancelled with no prior notice. In these circumstances, we won't be responsible for any charges brought about.

We have the privilege to switch the airline if the flight is blacklisted under the EU regulations. Changes done to the aircraft after you received the tickets will be provided to you punctually at the check-in counter or the boarding gate.

Reconfirming all Flights

To confirm any changes, you should contact the airline or us in no less than 72 hours preceding your takeoff time (as on your ticket). It is applicable to the two returns and also outbound flights. Note that we won't be liable for any extra cost collected by your failure to cross-check flights.

Travel Documents Checking and Despatch

The travel records will be sent to you through email imparted to us (else asked for) and you will be liable to check whether you have gotten every all relevant details and whether they are correct or not. Any error ought to be brought to our notice immediately. If not reached instantly, we won't be responsible and the individual changes may involve extra charges as per the applicable fee. Note that the travel documents won't be sent to your email until the point that we get the entire payment mentioned in the dictated terms. We dispatch the documents 7 days preceding your departure date. Dispatching documents by means of post or fax are decided by the company and may include some extra cost. In case the travel documents are lost or got deferred, you will be in charge of paying the extra fares incurred by us to organize and forward a copy of your travel papers. Delays in bookings may likewise require special services to send the papers. For this situation, the conveyance charges will be informed to you while booking.


A couple of airlines give electronic confirmation of your booking or 'e-ticketing', on a few routes. When flying on an e-ticket, you can be provided with a printed copy of your ticket or a paper ticket, if asked for and when authorized. The paper ticket will cost you certain service charges i.e. £10 per ticket, which will be added to your total airline charge.

Airline Ticket Refunds

All airline tickets returned for repayment are liable to an administration fee of £75 per ticket, and furthermore, you will be charged with cancellation charges per ticket imposed by the airlines or the consolidator as per their terms of use.

In situations where a recoverable airline ticket's repaid sum is not as much as the previously mentioned charge, the ticket will be deemed and will turn out to be non-refundable. Until we get the refund from the particular consolidator or the airline organization, your amount won't be paid. Usually, the flight ticket refund takes around 4 to 5 weeks from the day when the tickets were given for refund consideration.

Flight Changes

The cancellation of your flight, relevant rights and remedies are dealt with by the terms and conditions of the carrier according to the carriage. In result, you may get qualified for:

  • Carriage on some other flight with the same airline without additional cost.
  • Re-directing to some other area with some other airlines without extra charges where you want to go.
  • Accepting the total refund and or receive the complete refund and, other rights or remedies.

On the off chance that, there is an itinerary change to be made before the landing of your receipt demonstrating the total fare, or preceding your ticket's issue (with respect to either return or outbound), we will do everything conceivable to expedite it to your notice on behalf of the airline.

Departure Taxes

To include each takeoff charge to your flight ticket is by and large outlandish. In a few examples, it ought to be paid by you to your country's Government you are departing from and it won't be refundable by us.

In certain situations, you are levied with particular charges that are pertinent for the services we offer.
Service Charge
Admin Charges £50
Credit card surcharge 0%
Delivering tickets by hand Option not Available
Tickets dispatched by first class post £5


This is an important section for any reservations being for an agent.

The Contract

In case you book your Flight-Plus or an Individual Components through us, we will ensure that the booking as the agent for a concerned supplier(s) like the airline company or the supplier of the hotel, helps us in getting a well-drafted contract with the respective supplier. Please make a note that this contract is subjected to all the terms and conditions of the supplier providing you with the services. There is a possibility that some limitations or exclusions occur for the same and for the same the responsibility lies on you, a lot of times with the various International conventions. In case you want to peruse through the copy of the service supplier’s terms and conditions and international conventions, it will be available when you request for it in a written format. As we are one of the agents ourselves, we hold no accountability or responsibility for any additional or changes or acts or for the offered services by one of our own suppliers.

You will be able to purchase these flights, car rental services, hotels, and transfer these kind of services with any other kind of services through our website. We will offer you with each component by the help of a third-party service suppliers. Every time you book a travel product or avail any service via supplier, you might come in a written contract/agreement with the supplier directly but not directly with us. Whereas if your plan is to customize the travel package by listing all your preferences, the booking will not be considered as a holiday package booking and therefore, we will not consider it as secured under the Package Travel Regulations. Once the supplier has reconfirmed your chosen requirements, the process of forming the contract begins.

Changes By You

In case of any kind of amendments or cancellations, you will be asked to request us in a written format and we will be starting only after we receive the your written confirmation. In case you have made any changes or cancelled the booking, the service provider may levy additional changes or cancellation fee on you, as mentioned in the document of terms and conditions (which might also be 100% of the final fare of travel arrangements) along with any other Amendment/Alteration Fee per person which will be conveyed while making the changes.

Cancellation By You

Air Ticket Refund: A lot of the airline tickets are usually issued after receiving the full payment during making the booking and are non-changeable or non-refundable and non-re-routable, until specified differently. If any kind of modification or change is required to a special fare ticket, there might be a some service suppliers (for specific airline carriers) who will consider a “name change” as one of the cancellation and may not give you a refund back for the service. If you did not use the flight’s outbound portion, the airline will automatically cancel return sector and will not provide a refund as ‘no refund’ clause exists for past-used tickets by the airlines. Usually, all the partly-used tickets are non-refundable, especially if cancelled within 24 hours before the departure time.

Other Individual Components

When considering all the other kind of Individual Components, the charges may remain the constant and may only be applicable, except your confirmation bill or if any different kind of cancellation charges are already mentioned in the terms and conditions of the service provider’s agreement. Moreover, you might get the complete refund depending on the amount paid by you. In case, you have just initiated the deposit, the refund will be applicable according to that and if you have made the full payment, you might get 100% refund of the Individual Component’s price.We will let you know regarding the updated cancellations or amendment charges while making or processing the fare.

Changes or Cancellations by the Supplier

We will let you know in case of any cancellations, amendments or changes at the earliest. When the service provider offers you any type of replacement instead of the already booked travel arrangements or a complete refund, you should let us know about your choice within the given time limit we specify. If in case, you don’t do this, the service supplier will assume that you are expecting the complete refund. No kind of responsibilities is accepted from our end for any kind of change, amendment or cancellation that you made to your travel package by the service provider in accordance to the agreement or the contract with them.


Every time you pay the deposit, you are expected to make the full payment by before the given due date already mentioned. If the entire payment is not received within the given time frame, your supplier gets notified by us and he/ she may cancel your booking and apply the cancellation charges as per the mentioned terms and conditions for booking. Note that the payment made by you for the travels is held with us on behalf of the service supplier(s).

Our responsibility for the bookings you made

The agreements that you have linked to the respective service supplier(s) and the terms and conditions applied by him will prevail. As we an agent, we won’t hold an accountability for the actual provisions of the travel arrangements. The responsibilities are limited to processing the booking according to the preferences and instructions given by you. Please note that we do not hold any responsibility of any information that we have passed on to the supplier in good faith from our end about the travel arrangements needed for you. Although we do hold the responsibility in the circumstances whatsoever, the maximum liability that we have is only restricted to double the fare of your booking (or the suitable portion of the entire amount if not all the travellers mentioned in the booking are being affected). We don’t eliminate or restrict any responsibility for the cases that are related to personal injury or death that can arise due to our or the employee’s carelessness during the course of his employment.

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