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Top 5 Destinations to click on World Photography Day


Photography is something we all relate to - whether it is done through a DSLR camera or a smartphone. Have you heard people say that a photograph is worth 1,000 words? It sounds cliche though but it’s true.

On World Photography Day, 19th August, photographers from all corners of the world share their best-clicked image to tell a story and inspire everyone. For a good photo, you need to have skills as well as a destination worth clicking.

You might be a great photographer, you might know the shutter speed, ISO and all other terms related to photography but one thing which is beyond your control is the destination. We think it can be an overwhelming task to find the perfect destination or a spot to test your photography. No worries, we got you!

Here are the top 5 destinations in the world that are among, not all but, most of the travel photographer’s dream. Even if you visit any of these places with only an iPhone, you would struggle to take a bad photograph.


The dreamy, romantic and glamorous star of the Green Islands, Santorini is where you will see cruise-trippers, honeymooners, and of course, snappers waiting for hours, hoping to capture that one iconic image. Santorini has it all - vibrantly-colored cascading houses, breathtaking sunsets, crumbly rugged cliffs rising from the Aegean Sea, the blue-domed church in Oia, Skaros Rock in front of Imerovigli, and world-famous Cave Hotels and Premium Villas in Oia.

Book your cheap flights to Santorini from your trusted travel partner Cheap Flighticket and enjoy an awe-inspiring photography session on this World Photography Day.


Must say, it’s an easy favorite destination - probably it would be holding the top position in the list of gorgeous destinations to get photographed. Being a little dramatic, Iceland is a place that surprises you with its surrealism and tranquility. Northern Lights or commonly called “aurora” is the most extraordinary sight for which photographers from around the globe who would do everything possible to capture and tell a story in their style.

If you are a keen photographer, your eyes won’t ignore the Blue Lagoon, Crystal Ice Caves, Volcanic Green Moss, Holuhraun Volcanic Eruption, Waterfalls, and incredible Glaciers. This World Photography Day, capture the beauty of Iceland.


Famed for its Buddhist culture, ancient ruins and magnificent tropical beaches, Thailand is one of the top-most destinations which are loved by photographers. From chaotic, crazy city and historical sites to epic tropical jungles and eye-catchy beaches, this serene-looking place can surely help you narrate a story through your clicks on this World Photography Day. Book your tickets to Thailand with Cheap Flighticket now.


Solace and peace that the Maldives offer is something which is incomparable - large flocks of travel shutterbugs visit every year to make their name in the industry of click masters. Emboodhu Finolhu Island is a picturesque island with around 55 water villas constructed and placed in the shape of a flower bud. Capture amazing shots of underwater snorkeling, historic monuments, color corals from submarines, elegant gardens and magnificent landscapes.

Norwegian Fjords

Last but not the least, Norwegian Fjords boasts a sheer variety of landscapes which dramatically change as we go from north to south, Turquoise seas, frozen beaches, arctic wildlife, and breathtaking fjords, all lie under the list of best places to click in Norway. If you have decided to fly Norwegian, definitely visit Kvalvika Beach, Town of Reine and a petite fishing village of Hamnoy where you can expect a plethora of cormorants, sea eagles and rugged landscapes rising above the icy paradise.


Whether you want your picture to tell a story of a laughing baby, a humongous stone figure back-dropped by a sunset near the seashore, a local man’s labor life or a silent landscape under perfect lighting, we have shortlisted five must-visit hot-spots to add to your itinerary if you’re an aficionado of photography.

Also, you can visit our website Cheap Flighticket, look for a destination apart from mentioned above and book a cheap flight ticket as we guarantee the best flight fares to your ideal spot across the globe. So, on this World Photography Day, grab your passport, camera equipment, and spare memory cards - go LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

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